Schoolwide Expectations:


1. Walk

2. Use personal space

3. Work cooperatively

Upcoming Events
June 5th: Walking field trip to Bud Carson Middle School for  Mrs.Beltran's, Mrs. Ridenour's, and Ms. Liburd's classes.  
June 6th: Walking field trip to Bud Carson Middle School for Mrs. Luong's, Mrs. Currie's, Ms. Casey's, and Ms. McWilliams' classes.
June 23rd: Last day of School.  Dismissal is at 1:30. 
Have a Great summer break!

Homework should take approximately 1 hour to finish.  In addition, students are expected to read for 30 minutes every night. Please check your child's agenda daily for homework assignments and notes from the teacher. Please only sign the agenda when all assignments have been completed.  



Current Unit
of Studies

Language Arts:

Unit 6 Call of Duty.  We are learning about the importance of performing our duties as citizens of the world. 


We are learning about geometry and graphing on the coordinate plane


We are currently on the Life Science Unit.

Social studies:

We are studying capitals and states

Character Ed for the months of March and April
Self Discipline